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Kwartaalrapport NN (L) Patrimonial Q4 2021

In deze video licht Bart Gielis van NN Investment Partners de volgende elementen toe:

  • Markten
  • Portefeuille strategie NN (L) Patrimonial compartimenten
  • Prestaties van de NN (L) Patrimonial compartimenten toe over het jaar 2021
  • Vooruitzichten 2022

De video kan je hier bekijken: Kwartaalrapport NN (L) Patrimonial Q4 2021

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NN Investment Partners is the asset manager of NN Group, a Dutch financial corporation listed on Euronext Amsterdam. We are an investment company with a global view, a keen eye for new opportunities and a proven track record of putting clients first. Although financial markets are complex, our main focus is simple: partnering with our clients to achieve their financial targets. Our successful history of client-focused asset management extends back to 1845 and reflects our roots as a Dutch insurer and bank. With the Netherlands as our main investment hub, we offer our products and services through regional centres in countries across Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.